The Friends of Dame Laura Knight Society,
Malvern & Colwall Branch

17th Feb 2016:  Coach Trip to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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Some of our members at the gallery, waiting to visit the archives.

Fine Art Curator Victoria Osborne unveiling works of Laura Knight from the Barry Jackson Trust

Costume Parade, The Marvellous History of St Bernard 1926
- Laura Knight

Out with the old Library

and in with the new.
(part of the redevelopment of the area.)
The damp of the morning was quickly dispelled during the comfortable journey to the Gallery.

We were twenty-four in all, but separated into two groups of twelve to visit the print room with Victoria Osborne, the Fine Art Curator; learning much about Laura Knight, with the Barry Jackson Trust, theatre in Birmingham and Malvern, and seeing prints and originals of her works.

The gallery owns only five of her works, two oils and three prints, each vibrant with her subtle understanding and competent artistry of her subject and materials.

Free time was used exploring the various rooms (including the astonishing Hoard) until 4pm when our friendly driver sped valiantly through rain and traffic to Malvern.

A thoroughly enjoyable day - much to remember - thank you organisers!
- Rosemary Griffiths

After viewing my first Laura Knight originals in the print room - and impressive they were, I visited the Staffordshire Hoard; another good experience. It was time for lunch and so I caught up with some of our group at the new Library, passing through the continuing refurbishments of the town centre - not so good.  Lunch at the library was good and the company. We all met back at the coach for the trip home. Thank you to Society, Malvern & Colwall branch.
- Jeanne Evans

Murray and Heather disappeared on an archive search in the Wolfson Centre at the Library where they were able to peruse lots of photos of LK and Harold at the Malvern Festival in the 1930's. We hope to record these and see more when we return. They may form the basis of a future LK event.
- Heather Whatley

Time for home - courtesy of Ian from Commandery Coaches

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in the rain - but glad to say, it didn't dampen our visit.

Lots to see ...

The Staffordshire Hoard at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery,

and just around the corner ...

the gilded bronze statue of Matthew Boulton, James Watt and William Murdoch by William Bloye and Raymond Forbes-Kings. 

Commissioned in 1939 but was not installed here until 1956. Re-gilded in 2006.

The statue used to stand outside the Register Office on Broad Street.  The Register Office has been demolished but luckily not the statue. I wonder if they will move it?